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National Novel Writing Month

So, Friday late afternoon / early evening, ended up joining that silly NaNoWriMo thing. Even though it's halfway over already.  (^*^);

It was just a random temptation, after having tried to write before a few times, and not really getting anywhere. And because it's a really good exercise to try and break passed my internal editor, and stop being such a perfectionist, an' all that.. ee

So, the story is a crazy science fiction one that's based on some concepts that came to me randomly a few months ago. Not entirely original, but not entirely unoriginal, ah guess.  (^*^);  They certainly aren't based on anything I've read, not being an avid reader.. ee, so they're original to me, anyways.

It takes place roughly 500 years in the future, with the premise that silly human things like politics and war got in the way of scientific progress, so while there is already a sorta long-standing Mars colony by now, it hasn't actually been there for the full five centuries, and probably not even half of that. So is no Star Trek universe, where everything's perfect, and even after the apocalypse, we managed to make huge leaps and bounds in science and in social progress.  (^*^);  But ya, is fun.

So far, am at over 11,000 words, which out of the 50,000 total that need to be done by November 30, puts me at about 23%. Not too bad for only four days, s'pose.  (^*^)  hee. Hopefully, the progress can pick up more, as more story elements begin to introduce themselves.. 'cause it's gonna be needed in order to hit that marker by the end of the month, especially with Thanksgiving coming an' all that. So we'll see. Would like to be doing more like 3000+ words a day, but so far am only just barely scraping at 2600 words a day, mya. Definitely will need to fix that.. 'cause even that marker is only being reached the next morning, usually, and it really needs to be done before midnight each night. :nod nod:

Oh well.. doodly do. It's certainly more progress than my past records for writing, so ya.  (^*^)  Is good things, mya mya.

Missing people wildly! So want to go to another gather or something.. but ya. At least Thanksgiving will help with that, maybe. Socialize a little. Not all the same people, just a few locals, which aren't many, but y'know. Definitely want to see more of the New York and Maryland and Pennsylvania people! Am going through withdraaawl..!
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