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Today.. was amazing. Let me fill you in on what's been going on.  (^*^)'

Back in June or July, something like that, my parents went out to Nebraska -- hesitantly -- to visit with family out there, and help celebrate a graduation. While out there, they re established a relationship with my dad's twin brother, Dean, and in so doing, began a new one with his wife Stacy, and their adopted daughter, Elizabeth. They all had a great time, and resolved to keep that relationship strong over time; even though we're all half a country apart.

Well, little did the twins know, their wives (my mother and Stacy) had become even more resolute about things than they made obvious. They had immediately begun planning the celebration of their 50th birthday(s)! And what was that plan? To get Dean and Stacy out here for a week in November! (Their collective birthday is November 30.)

So, some months later, and much to the surprise of my dad and his brother, they're here. (Dean obviously knew a little ahead of time. ^*^ A couple of weeks or so.) Tuesday night, my dad comes home from work, and Dean answers the door. My dad just stood there, staring, as we all started singing Happy Birthday. Dean had to reel him in and hug him, hehee. There were tears, and we got it all on video.  (^*^)'

Well, one thing that my mother had done as part of it, was purchase four tickets to a Broadway play. Stacy, about a month or two before they all came here, suddenly got nervous about the idea of leaving Elizabeth with anyone else while they watch the play. It was still pretty up in the air for a while, and wasn't until the last minute -- the night before the play -- that she decided finally that she would not be attending, for Elizabeth's sake. So it was decided that she would go and visit one of New York's many museums while everyone else sees the play.

This also means there was an extra ticket. Guess who? Guess who??  (*=D)!

The best part -- we saw The Phantom of the Opera. So wonderful! I've heard the music before, but it was just so amazing to actually see it. Julie Hanson as Christine. That's a name I intend to keep an eye out for.  (^*^)

Why haven't I experienced this before?? My gosh! There is just no way to explain how truly amazing it is to watch such a thing. Why didn't anyone tell me?? :giggle:

Wow.. The dancing, and the costumes, and the voices! Hugh.. Panaro*? (will have to check on that) as the Phantom, and John something Cudia* as Raoul. It was amazing, the voices often carried well over the volume of the speakers, from the very good seats we had, only a few rows from the stage itself, and right in the center! And I was curious about the music at first, but just like a classic theatre, they had a small orchestra playing just a few feet in front of us!  (^*^)  You could see them from where we were, just barely. (Mostly, you could just see the conductor.)

After the first act, which seemed to end too soon (only an hour and a half in!), we had a few minutes of intermission. In that time, we all started looking through the (huge!) playbills, and seeing who we were looking at, that sort of thing. Of course, they had an advertisement for the new Phantom of the Opera motion picture coming out next month, directed by Joel Schumacher. (It sure looks pretty! Could be interesting.)

As a warning that the second act would begin shortly, the music started back up again. They panned smoothly through each song, as the lights grew slowly dimmer, and people returned to their seats. Finally, as the lights were reaching their darkest point, the music kicked up into the suspenseful Phantom theme, and we were all ready to watch, as the curtains peeled back and were arranged into just the right form to show the new, dreary setting, some six months after the first part of the story.

It was so beautiful. It's such a wonderful thing when, no matter how good you thought the first act was, the second act is that much better!

After the play was finally done (so sad, wanted to see it again right away! ee), we made our way out the theatre to meet up with Stacy, who was already there waiting with Elizabeth.  (^*^)  Apparently, they'd just come back from Toys R Us, and there had been some kind of a scare! A fire or something? She wasn't sure, but it was certainly time to get out of there, so she waited for us in the theatre lobby.

Well from there, we went around the block, to the same spot two streets over, and got some Cold Stone's ice cream! Best ice cream in the world.. and I was the only one of us who'd had it before.  (^*^)'  Got the Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip. Mm.. delicious! (It was terrible, though; my mom couldn't finish hers, and threw the rest away!)

After everything, we decided to walk through Times Square for a while, and see all the interesting things to see. So many bright lights.  (^*^)  (Which was another thing interesting about the play! Such bright pyrotechnics!) Once we'd had our fill of that (and everyone had seen a glimpse of the Good Morning America studio), we finally headed back to the truck, and got ourselves into a whole heap of traffic. (It was just about exactly 6:00 PM when we left).

After a long drive home (almost an hour longer than getting there had been), we finally got in, did the usual just-got-home-from-a-long-drive business, and set about relaxing.  (^*^)'  (Picked up some egg nog on the way!) And just after getting upstairs and turning on the computer, a new and interesting thing happens.

There's this loud horn, from a big ol' truck coming down the road. (At 9:30 at night??) Well, it turns out it was a holiday truck, sort of it's own little mini parade going down the street, with bright lights all around this snowy set with a little house it had on the trailer. It was cute.  (^*^)

Well, that's about it for the babble on today's stuff for now! I'm feeling kind of tired, between the sugar rush, and all the events of the day (and getting up earlier than usual). And I still have plenty of novel writing to do yet! So, ciao, and stuff.  (^*^)  Have wonderful holiday times and all that.


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