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Yatta! It is done! In under 19 days, I managed to write over 50,000 words of a novel without any previous planning whatsoever! woo!  (^*^)'

Hey, the last several pages especially might be complete literary crap, but at least the excessive words still tell the story, and don't just go off onto some random nonsense. Eventually, new scenes will be added, words will be trimmed, and hopefully this thing will see a few new revisions till it -- hopefully -- turns into something worth reading.

This is such an amazing feeling, though, to have accomplished something like this, even as silly as it is. Have never gotten passed half a dozen pages in any given story before, and so even making passed that twelfth page was truly uplifting. But this, is more than I could have expected. It's totally amazing. What a week this has been.  (^*^)'  Can't wait to attend the upcoming "Thank God It's Over" celebration!

I'll be online more often after this, more than likely, but not just yet. 'Cause right now, I'm going to catch up on all that anime I've been missing out on!

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