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Just saw the most precious movie.  (^*^)  A new favorite, met'inks.

Love Actually

Am sure everyone's aware of this one by now. It was onna those things that looked cute in the commercials, but just sorta figured, "Aa, I'll see it eventually." Well, eventually happened tonight, and it was great.

Quite a cast. And if it wasn't enough that Thomas Sangster is in there as about onna the cutest little kids ever, Olivia Olson is in there with an amazing singing role. Wow.

The film is interesting in how it portrays the awkwardness of love, in many of its forms, and how people react to it. Doing stupid things, doing brave things, making choices that may not be the best, or make them the happiest, but whether in the moment or later on, making the choices they feel they will least regret making, for better or for worse.

It's also very positive and optimistic, it doesn't hide the fact that it was written by someone who wants to portray love in all its strangeness and splendor. And it all comes together in such a clean, fun, and interesting way. Silly as it is, you fall in love with all the characters, now matter how good or bad or strange or silly their choices may be.

I've never chosen a favorite film, only a select group of favorites, usually belonging to its own category (though I'm not usually the type to concern myself with genre). This one definitely takes the place as my favorite "romantic, comedic, uplifting, holiday film."  (^*^)

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