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My Christmas gift wishes:

- Time with friends
- College
- Arm length gloves
- 110 cm Loose socks

My Christmas gifts:

- Time with friends
- Short stories book (modern fantasy)
- $60 in Borders gift cards
- Absolutely awesome new chopsticks set.  (^*^)
- Heart of a Buddha mini-book
- Blue-green tinted glass Buddha figurine
- Pewter dragon-resting-on glass globe paperweight
- "My Monkey Made Me Do It" sticker
- Pocky (mmm..)

Decent dinner, decent company, decent music, and a little bit less belly pain than have been having in the last few days.. All in all, pretty good evening.  (^*^)

Happy Christhanusamykwanmaszaakkaheinule!

(PS--Am thinking of starting a 'wiki' as my next project in learn-as-you-go website building. It will probably be metaphysically related. Any input would of course be very welcome!)

(PSS--Anyone who wants a holiday call, leave me your phone number! Email kasha.re(a)gmail.. calls within U.S. are free from here. ^*^)

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