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For the wiki

Am thinking.. There will have to be a directory page first, possibly with four subpages: alphabetical, reverse alphabetical, first to latest, and newest to oldest. Search function eventually, but for starters it won't be necessary. Want to structure the thing first.

For the entries.. am thinking, we store entry body itself, title / subject for entry, probably timestamp, a unique ID (probably incremental numbers), and a user ID (probably also incremental numbers).

'Course, the idea of a wiki is anyone can create or edit entries. But would like to log people who have made entries. Would like to have information made optional; name / email, whatever. But whenever someone makes or edits an entry, the system would log their IP address, and assign it a number to identify the user. If the user already exists in the system, it simply updates information. This way, the system can keep track of user statistics, without actually requiring people to register. And if they like, they can toss in some info to identify themselves.

This can also help with security, we could limit posts from a single ID to so many within a certain period of time, to keep from flooding. And with IPs logged, they can be blocked if necessary. Thinking.. cookies would be good too. Create perhaps a 30-day cookie, so as long as the user has that cookie, if they post, it'll keep appending IP addresses to the user's profile, should they be using more than one. That way, the use ID itself can be blocked, instead of a single IP address, ending up with a number of specific IPs blocked. This would be good, because as IPs shift, it would keep other users who end up with the same IP address from being blocked.

Am also thinking that as far as an editing system.. for starters, would like to actually have new entries show up as a main body, and any edits be amended to it, rather than actually editing it. Essentially like posting replies to a forum entry, where all edits would show up beneath the original entry. Original entries themselves would perhaps be directly-editable only by the original posters, and any persons assigned as moderators. or something that effect. We see..

Am having fun coming up with thoughts.  (^*^)  Any additional notes or pointings out of incomplete thoughts here would be much appreciated.. am going to continue thinking on this before actually setting up the database tables.

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