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Thoughts of morality..

Have become pretty appalled at myself recently, after realize just how much terrible things have tolerated in the past.

There's someone ah used to know, who says and does such terrible things. Truly terrible. This person, she has a son, not even a year old. She screams at him regularly, in her frustration, "Five hundred dollars." Five hundred dollars, and she could have had an abortion.. it's sickening.

It's not a joke. It isn't funny, for anyone involved. It's sick, it's disgusting, it's rude. And this is the kind of behavior she exhibits regularly. Am hoping with all my hope that she stops saying that sort of thing by the time the child can truly understand her..

But this is the sort of thing have tolerated in the past. This is not good. Have this tendency to naturally think of myself as not being above anyone else, which leads to a more tolerant behavior. But maybe sometimes also have to consider that it goes too far, and that it leads to me becoming a little too tolerant. After all, that sort of behavior is simply wrong. It doesn't matter what your priorities are, that is not acceptable. It is not humane. It is certainly not the behavior of a parent.

Need to make a mental note for myself, to remember this. To remember that am also not below people, and that this kind of behavior is intolerable. It's horrible, vicious, and totally irresponsible behavior. And it should be noted that it is so, not simply glazed over as if it were a simple difference of opinion.

Even if everyone else
Is not doing good,
I alone will.

Even if everyone else
is doing wrong,
I alone will not.


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