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So very tiring weekend. Happy new year! And stuff.. oog. Staying the night over certain places wipes me out.

Think have the wiki stuff sorta sorted in my head some, now.. not sure. There are answers there, just have to make sure they're collected enough to do something with them. :nod nod:

So nice to hang out with friends though.. :nod nod: So very nice. Two days in a row so far! And a third one tomorrow.. mmm.  (^*^)  It really is so nice to spend whole days with friends, and just be crazy. Will definitely have to work towards doing these sorts of things more often!

There is nothing more worthy
than the virtue of selflessness.

Selflessness unites people.

It is a healing herb that unifies
strangers and brings
families together.

It is the love for others that is
higher than self-love;

It is our only hope.


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