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Lots of them, really. Y'know, whenever something comes up with a certain person I know, whenever I get that slightest millimeter closer again, I always end up coming away more disgusted than the last time...

Back down to six, ain't it great? You know what that calls for...don't you....Bath time, and I ain't comin out 'til either I'm declared the world's largest living prune or I'm dead. See ya in a week.

So, okay I'm back and healthy. Great for me, right? Yeah now check this out. Everyone I love is at least 2 hours away and I'm not gettin ass anytime soon. Sounds great for the 3-year reigning Nymph Queen, doesn't it. So I'll sit here, and be a huge Hentai. Maybe I'll hit on Heero, that seems to get me knocked out a lot ::laughs:: Baka. Anywho, I'm done my profilic rant for now. ::bows::
(( and peeeooop to christine))

Fmeh... I don't know why I bother to keep looking.. Sheer Infancy...

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