Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi

"Love"..? Yeah...

I'm in love with a girl that lives literally halfway around the world.. In China. Ugh. Regardless of that, she confuses me.. Big surprise, right? She's absolutely wonderful.. But sometimes I wonder as to just how much she cares about me.. you know? She seems to care plenty, that's for sure.. But I can't help but wonder every now and then, if our relationship is more of a game to her... Here's a quick log:

Her: *grins* Wow...like me that much?
Me: ::blinks:: Why yes, yes I do. ^^;;
Her: *grins* Well, kind sir, your feelings are reciprocated at best ^^ *kisses*
Me: ::blinks:: At best..?
Her: *bites back a giggle, contrives an innocent look* .....mmhmm.... *nods, though her eyes are dancing with laughter*
Me: ::meeps.. hurt?::

Yeah, okay.. Maybe it's nothing much.. And she did apologize for it later. Still, though.. It makes me wonder, maybe she doesn't take our relationship that seriously. I guess I shouldn't blame her.. Being some 12,000 miles away.. Perhaps she's just shielding herself; Not taking the relationship too seriously, so that she doesn't get hurt as, after all, the odds of us actually meeting.. aren't great...

..Maybe I should be doing the same...

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