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So today decided that am not going to be playing through any Final Fantasy games, after all. The system crashed, and seems that for all the saves you do, none of them actually get saved unless it gets shut down normally. So poof, lost about five levels (from 28 to 23), and several dungeons and important plot-work.

Am not going to be able to push myself to get back into it at that point. It was already really boring and annoying, going through endless streams of random battles inside these mazes just to get to the easily vanquishable bosses. And end up getting an earth crystal power thing that the game gives you no hints about what it's supposed to be for or do. And if am not going to play through the first game, am prolly not gonna play any after.

Although there may still be hope for Chrystal Chronicles, if am ever in the vicinity of a Gamecube and a copy of it.. ee. We'll see. Would actually prefer to get rid of my PS2 and games, and get a Gamecube.. the PS2 really is onna the junkiest systems ever to hit the market. Like, since the 3DO maybe? Can't even remember by now.. maybe the 3DO was just unpopular. Anyways.

Gamecube is the best system out there right now, really. It just doesn't have Halo 2, and things like that. But it has Nintendo games, and well.. the only Final Fantasy game have ever been interested in playing, ee. Metroid Prime and its sequel, and Legend of Zelda, etc. There are actually a bunch of good games on it.. and it is actually the best game system of the three current consoles on the market.

The PS2 is just trash.. awful bit of hardware, that eats itself from the inside. The X-Box is terribly clunky, and full of needless hardware. And both of them aren't particularly sturdy (although the X-Box has the PS2 beat by a lot, in every aspect). The Gamecube may not play DVDs and music CDs, but it's still the best game system out there, at a cheap price, very durable, and very well supported by its makers. :nod nod:

Anyways.. am just babbling at this point. The Gamecube at this point, is my last hope at playing through a Final Fantasy game, tho'.  (^*^);

If we fail to look after others
when they need help,
who will look after us?

Indifference brings
lovingkindness brings


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