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In case you were bored.

(01:04:19) aekiy: Wow.. that's a really bad name for an insect.
(01:04:25) aekiy: Or, y'know, anything.
(01:04:56) mmsword: Wha?
(01:05:01) aekiy: "Cockchafer."
(01:05:26) mmsword: ...
(01:05:38) aekiy: It's apparently the name of a bug.
(01:06:34) aekiy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cockchafer
(01:27:02) aekiy: They say the population has dwindled due to pesticides.. maybe we should start a cockchafer farm. And a short-lived line of denim pants.
(01:27:27) mmsword: Maybe... ... Or not.
(01:28:05) aekiy: But.. it could jump-start our plan to cheat the banks out of money, and live like kings in South America.
(01:28:35) mmsword: Very true... I bet we could get money from the government too
(01:28:51) aekiy: Oo! For population control?
(01:30:41) mmsword: Indeed!

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