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Yay.. people are finally taking an interest in pShift.  (^*^)'

It's my scifi role playing setting, which has a focus on time travel. It takes place in my own universe, not this one, on a planet remarkably similar to Earth, but not Earth. Different geography, nations, people, etc. Just similar evolutionarily and technologically.. about 50 years or so ahead of us maybe (difficult to pinpoint).

The basic concept is that time travel is possible, and a lot more common than it should be. So there's actually an international police force called the Patterngard which work to prevent temporal crime, and apprehend unlawful Jumpers. In the meantime, history keeps changing (this world does not fit into quantum multiverse theory). Jumpers (time travelers of any kind) become separate from the 'global paradigm' (present reality), and so can retain memories and objects in their personal possession as the world changes around them.

Every once in a while, a paradigm shift (or pShift) occurs, where the tampering with the continuum has done enough to effect greater change. (This is mostly a plot point rather than a physics issue, but might come up with some physical excuse for it.. hee.) Anyways, when a p-shift happens, the world suddenly changes, and normal people might be left leading totally different lives, while Jumpers have to adapt to all the new changes, not being aware of what history is like on this new version of the world.

Anyways.. it should be a lot of fun.  (^*^)  Basically, we'll collect RP logs, and base any paradigm shifts on what the characters have actually done. Use that to figure out what the new world will be like, and give people a one-week announcement before we actually do the shift, so they can prepare.

Got four people, other than myself and my cohost, interested so far. If they actually create characters an' play, that'll be great. Would ask for nothing more.  (^*^)'  Already w2ns has taken a lot of interest, and helped me out by asking questions, which will be used to compile a FAQ/Q&A. :nod:

Hatred never ceases

by hatred,

but by love.


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