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Lollipops for the wicked

I want to start a charitable organization, called Lollipops for the Wicked.

D'ya ever notice how people tend to stop giving you lollipops once you reach a certain size/age range? Why? Are we not still being good little boys and girls? Do we not deserve lollipops for being nice instead of naughty?

Lollipops for the Wicked would accept all kinds of donations, and put them towards starting programs that reward good behavior in people of all ages. Maybe we could start supplying banks and doctor's offices with lollipops, and scan newspapers to send out gift baskets to those who do good deeds.

This could go hand-in-hand with the UpBeat News online news site that mmsword and I want to get started. We'd be collecting stories of good deeds and happy occurrences anyway, so we could just use our own news site to keep track of good things, and reward them. :nod nod:

I would seriously like to get something like this going.. and could use any help with researching this sort of thing.

(I'd also like to work on/perhaps incorporate with this an information compendium for Things People Should Know. 'Cause there are a lot of things I ought to know and don't, like about how to get my health taken care of without having insurance or employment. Am working on fixing that now, but it'd be good to have this kind of information made readily available in one helpful place. :nod nod:)

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