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Follow up on charity

Been looking into stuff. New Jersey's Charitable Registration and Investigation Act (CRI) requires organizations to supply a copy of the organizations bylaws, articles of incorporation, and IRS tax exemption letter in addition to the registration form which must be submitted annually. If you make over $25,000 a year, then you also need to submit the most recent Form 990.

This means first: bylaws would need to be written, and the organization must be registered federally. I'm not sure if incorporation is required to become a registered charitable organization, or if that's only for organizations which have become incorporated. Technically, a charitable organization can consist of one individual giving things away, so I don't think incorporation is necessary, but we'll see.

On the New Jersey Consumer Affairs Charitable Registration page, all the forms are available in PDF format, including an instruction file which tells you how to go about registering. Also, they have a PDF of the CRI Act available for download. It includes contact information for Federal Income Tax Exemption, N.J. Sales Tax Exemption, Department of Treasury (for incorporating nonprofits), and for The Center for Nonprofit Corporations, and Accountants for the Public Interest, both of which they recommend contacting for information on creating a nonprofit organization.

More results later.


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