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Well.. there's been some small developments on the wiki front. Have decided to set the metaphysical wiki aside to do something a little more simple first. That will act as a practice for the eventual, more interesting wiki..

This one is a role playing wiki. The premise will be to create an intricate role playing setting, designed by everyone who uses the site. The only rule will be that all descriptions of the setting must remain consistent with each other. Any time or place within the general setting, just must remain consistent.

Anyways.. as far as coding. The database is set up for entries, appendages to the entries, user accounts, IP logging, and even categories.. partially. There are no actual categories yet, so we'll have to work on that later. For now, the website does read the database fine, and the ability to create new entries now exists. In addition to the already existing ability to add an appendage to the entry.. (Basically, the style will be that people can create new entries, and only they will be able to edit that entry. If others would like to add to it, they can add these appendages.. which will show up in a manner similar to replies on a forum. The entry mod/creator will then have the ability to edit their entry to include those appendages should they like, and admins will also have capability to modify entries.)

Mmm.. my brain is kinda having a small fit now, so am going to stop. Try an' get some rest.. mya

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