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Gorotsuki Tenshi

AMY GOODMAN: One more question, and it does have to do with torture and Alberto Gonzales. Latest news is Human Rights Watch has come out with a report saying Iraqi security forces are committing systematic torture at prisons, and the ACLU has gotten more government documents revealing Iraqi prisoners lodging at least 90 complaints of abuse against the U.S. are being held at a little-known U.S.-run jail.

MATT ROTHSCHILD: This is the most shameful thing that the Bush administration has done in its litany of shameful acts. It has besmirched the reputation of the United States and it is violating one treaty after another, not only the Geneva Conventions but the convention against torture and mistreatment and abuse. By violating those conventions and treaties, Bush is violating Article VI of the Constitution, which says treaties are the supreme law of the land. Bush should be impeached for this.

The Hidden Passages in Bush's Inaugural Address

Link snatched from helen99


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