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So, last night we were watching an Evanescence DVD. It was of their concert in Paris (one of them), and had some music videos and behind-the-scenes stuff. Anyway, it was blasting pretty loudly, and the phone could scarcely be heard in the other room. We ended up pausing the DVD to find out what was up, since mom went out and saw it was Uriah who called. (My younger brother.)

I wandered out there while she called him back, and after they got past their first hellos, my mom asked what it was he'd called for. And as soon as she asked, I knew the answer. After his hemming and hawing a little, I saw the answer come out. Her face began to flush red, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

After six months of dating, and some time spent living together; with education and careers looking upward, and credit being plenty to cover the purchase of a home.. with a new kitten of their own, and so many things to look forward too.. My younger brother, cleron, and the love of his life, Ashley, are engaged to be married.

Congratulations you two.. you deserve each other, and what you have is beautiful. I'm so happy for you, and Uriah especially.. I know this is what you've been longing for, and you deserve it more than anyone. Your happiness means so much to me, and I think you've really found it. May your family be everything you've dreamed in your heart of hearts. I cannot express the goodness I feel from this news. You deserve so much from life, and I wish that you have it.

Peace be with you always.

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