Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi

Down the Rabbit Hole

Here in my plane, overlooking the Serendipity, I notice a small fowl pondering the essence of cheese. When I think about the way that fowl treated me last week, I consider how the epidemic of picite armies over a century ago could've wiped his kind off the face of the Orange, but instead somehow managed to turn them into this; a maddening breed of convalescent mincers.

But it is perhaps of no matter. Instead, the frequencies at which mankind operates are of considerable damage today, as I am assigned to wander the pathways of the human mind, and tap it into the right direction. You see, the pathological remedies to the problem of human consciousness have proved no more than a staple on the door. In truth, what we must see instead is the ease at which we can sway the undying gratitude of such a people. It is a remarkable thing indeed to consider the policies of such a thing.

Truly, the pictures of broken swords and quivering bellies are a frightening thing to behold. To remember a vaguely distant past we shall see in our ever encroaching future. Regardless, the functionality of the device shall be rewired, and hopefully, this time, we can see the space. We will be retrofitting each system with the latest programs, and making certain that any future calamities will be less dysfunctional. The technical aspects of observational change are, much to the chagrin of many, far out of the specs of our particular division of the project. Our scope, it seems, is skew.

Next, I hear, the continual bubbling of pseudo citric warp field will be bent into the periculum for further study. Perhaps they will find a way to continue the shaping of the saucepan until the figure is complete. We shall certainly hope to see.
Tags: random, writing

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