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On Lyme's disease

Because it's become apparent to me recently just how epidemic Lyme's disease is.. thought would post a couple of links I've come across about the topic.

Lyme Conference 2004 : This link is to a page of notes (and other links) taken during the 2004 Lyme Disease Conference. It's located on the website for the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation. So, not only is this link good for providing other links, and for getting up-to-date information on research, but also to look through the rest of the CLDF site and see what you can find.. (lots of info on symptoms, treatment, diagnosis, support, etc.)

ILADS Guidelines summary : This link is to a summary of the Lyme's study and treatment guidelines, as provided by the International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society. It gives good information on the major symptoms, and basic treatment guidelines. (For instance, they recommend minimum treatment periods of six weeks, where many people typically provide less than that.) (Also, they note that very few people actually get the rash. This is important to know.. since many people assume it is typical to have the rash, as I once did. I think the CanLyme site actually mentions recent studies show only around 21% of people get the rash.)

Just some things to toss out there.. it is good for people to know things about such an epidemic. :nod nod:

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