Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi

Martin King has passed..

Martin King, of Hellorama semi-fame, passed away in his sleep last week.. anyone who knows him understands that he is immortal. It is impossible to comprehend him as "dead" or "gone".. we can still see him so freshly in our minds.

He was funny, made fast friends, kind and giving.. always willing to share, and coming up with the silliest things you've ever heard. Perhaps he has merely changed shape.. or maybe he'll be the next walking dead, and we'll all have a good laugh. As we always did around Martin.

From the mind of Martin King:
(tipsy) "Drinkachu.."
"Drinkachu, I think you've had enough."
"Drinkachu, I really think you've had enough."
(smashes bottle) "Drinkachu!!"
"Drinkachu, that was a bottle of fifty-year-old scotch!"
(saddened) "Drinkachuuu.."
Tags: people

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