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I decided to do an I Ching reading. I did two.

First, with strong doubts and insecurities flooding my mind, I asked about accepting rialian and helen99's offer, and moving in with them temporarily.

55  Abounding

Culmination, plenty, copious, profusion; generosity, opulence, full to overflowing.

Abounding, FENG: abundant harvest; fertile, plentiful, copious, numerous; exuberant, prolific, at the point of overflowing; fullness, culmination; ripe, sumptuous, luxurious, fat; exaggerated, too much; have many talents, friends, riches. The ideogram portrays an overflowing vessel and sheaves of grain, a horn of plenty.


  • Abounding, Success.
    The king imagines this.
    Do not grieve. The sun is properly at the center of the sky.

    A time of prosperity and great abundance, overflowing like the horn of plenty. Echo the abundance. Smile on everything, like the sun at midday. Overflow with the good feeling, support and generosity. Imagine yourself as the king whose power bestows wealth and happiness on all. Such a time cannot last forever. When the sun reaches the centre it begins to set. When the moon is full, it begins to wane. Heaven and Earth fill and empty all things. But do not grieve about it. Put away your sorrow and melancholy. Shed light on all and eliminate the shadows.

  • OUTER AND INNER WORLDS: Shake and Radiance.

  • Inner warmth and brightness permeate the world, rousing things up to abounding. These trigrams emphasize the fruits of completed actions.

  • HIDDEN POSSIBILITY: 28 Great Exceeding.

  • Generosity and abundance contain the hidden possibility of a great concentration of individual energy.


  • Acquiring your place through converting (marriage) necessarily implies the Great.
    Accepting this lets you use Abounding.
    Abounding implies the Great.


  • Abounding means having numerous previous causes.


  • Thunder and Lightning culminate together. Abounding.
    The realizing person uses severe litigation to involve punishment.

    Transforming Lines

  • Abounding is your roof. You screen off your dwelling. You peep through the door.
    You live alone, as one without other people.
    For three years' time you will encounter no one.
    The way is closed.

    You use abounding to screen yourself off, living alone and peeping out. You will meet no one for three years. This isolation closes the way.

    I interpret this to mean that I actually have more to offer than I think of myself as having. I interpret marriage to mean the union with other people--the friends I'll make from such a move. I interpret the transforming line as being my insecurity--that my feeling that I should not do this, and isolate myself, will do just that. Isolate me from people. And that I should move on, stop secluding myself, and break free of my insecurities.

    I then asked what would result from my moving in with rialian and helen99.

    59, Dispersing

    Dissolve, clear away, scatter, clear up; make fluid, eliminate obstacles and misunderstandings.

  • NAME

  • Disperse, HUAN: scatter clouds, break up obstacles; dispel illusions, fears and suspicions; clear things up, dissolve resistance; untie, separate; change and mobilize what is rigid; melting ice, floods, fog lifting and clearing away. The ideogram portrays water and the sign for expand. It suggests changing form through expanding or scattering.


  • Dispersing, Success.
    The king imagines there is a temple.
    It is advantageous to step into the Great River.
    Advantageous Divination.

    This is a time to eliminate misunderstandings and illusions and clear away obstacles. Let the light of understanding shine through. Be like the king who imagines having a great temple that can unite the people and connect them with the higher forces. Now is the time to start a project or found an enterprise. Enter the stream of life with a purpose. It will bring you profit and insight. Express yourself and spread clarity. This is the time when the early kings sacrificed to the highest powers. Clear away the fog, make yourself ready and go on to achieve something strong and great.

  • OUTER AND INNER WORLDS: Penetrating and Gorge.

  • The inner stream penetrates the outer world, subtly dissolving and dispersing obstacles.


  • Dispersing obstacles contains the hidden possibility of providing nourishment for yourself and others.


  • You stimulate something and then scatter it.
    Accepting this lets you use Dispersing.
    Dispersing implies radiance breaking through.


  • Dispersing means radiance breaking through.


  • Wind moves above the Stream. Dispersing.
    The early kings made presentations to the Supreme power to establish the temples.

    Transforming Lines

  • Use a horse to rescue this, invigorating strength opens the way.

    Something is in trouble. Rescue it with the strength of a galloping horse. This will open the way.

    I interpret this to mean that the move would be very advantageous. Not only for myself, but for those I become involved with. And also that there is a strong opportunity for me to help others -- or someone else in particular. I think that it would be a very good move for me to do this. I think that it's going to happen.
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