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Okay, so I was terribly wrong. This girl tells me she's actually never had a boyfriend before!   O.o;   And no, she's not a minor.. Apparently, her mother's been extremely uptight about the idea of her dating, so.. she hasn't. Nope, not a cultural thing, either.. Just her family. Heh.. ::sighs:: So I guess I was perfectly right in her being wonderful. Guess that's what I get for being a paranoid scitzophrenic.. Some paranoia to go with my scitzophrenia.   -_-

She's resting now.. Happens, when you live a world apart. Her lunchtime is my midnight. Stupid, stupid me.. Getting involved in a relationship that is utterly hopeless to succeed.   >.<   ..Actually, there's this part of me that remains hopeful.. Saying, "Hey, so it's China.. You could maybe save up some money and go on vacation there some day..." ::face frumples:: Yeah.. Stupid me.

::snuggles her absence:: Can't help it.. She's lovely.. So wonderful.. So supportive, and always uplifting.. And I only vaguely know what she looks like. She purposely sent me a low quality, monochrome image, as a tease.. heh.. Silly girl...

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