Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi

InuYasha: In a Nutshell.  Silly..  (^*^);

But more importantly: Arjuna Volume 1: Rebirth from GreenCine. They have the other four volumes too..

Am feeling really funky right now.. not sure what's up. Not a painful thing.. just a very funky, sorta urpy thing. Did get a lot of nausea earlier.. got pretty serious, then gradually went away. I think it may have been the milk.. not because it was milk, but because today is the expiration date, and I think that it was open for more than a week.. so mya. Poured the rest of it down the drain..

Didn't end up going to get my card or stopping by the store today. I woke up late.. about twenty minutes after the last bus that could get me to the social services office. So I'll just have to make sure I get up early Monday, so I can go. Tuesday/Wednesday is shopping day.. (one or the other, depending on the week).. so I should be able to just tag along then.

I really feel sick about mooching off the system.. but, at least the system seems to be working, and maybe that can be all the more motivation to get things fixed up so I can get off the system, and stand on my own. Am hoping timescales all work out okay.. but I'm sure they'll work out, one way or another. I'll keep working at them..

Kind of spacing out now.. going to wonder off for something eatable soon. :nod:

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