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yesterday's foodage

Two bowls Crispix cereal with milk and banana (second bowl with low-fat milk).
Two plates of mixed rice and string beans. (Two kinds of string bean, white rice with margarine and garlic salt.)
About four bottles of water..
Two glasses of iced tea (Arizona green tea with ginseng and honey).
Some dry-roasted peanuts (Planters).
Oo, and a couple pieces of chocolate. (Non-brand name.)

Also, there is a shop now: http://www.cafepress.com/kashashop/
For those who would like some Darwin 0wnz you merchandise.. ee
There are several t-shirts and the original bumper sticker.. am going to work on a couple alternate versions of the bumper sticker. (Apparently they don't do black T's at Café Press.)

There should be alternate designs and other stuff eventually.. hee. Just fiddling with things for now.  (^*^)'

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