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So, I'm a sucker..

Everybody knows about free iPods going around these days.. all those websites where you can get things like that. This isn't the sort of thing I'm interested in, really.. it's the sort of thing where, if someone wants to give me a free iPod, they can do so. But I don't approach this sort of thing.. let it come to me.

Well, to my surprise, it came to me.  (o*O)  Not the iPod itself.. ee, the thing is, a friend of mine (distant friend--somebody who role plays on the same site as me), sent me one of the referral emails, saying, "Sign up, and help me get a free iPod!" Y'know, that sorta thing..

So, I sign up, because hey, if my friend wants a free iPod, I can sign up for a website to get him on. Sure. Well.. okay, once you sign up, then you have to also sign up for one of the offers on their website.. in order for the credit to go through so they get the iPod. Okay.. so I sign up for stamps.com, since it doesn't cost anything, unless I forget to cancel. No worries.. I should be okay.

So okay.. now my friend should be getting his free iPod. As it turns out, it wasn't even for him, he's already gotten one. But he's going to try for a friend, who's birthday's coming up. Cool. Well now.. I'm all signed up.. and I feel like, now I have to try and actually get the derned thing.. since I've come this far. (And hey.. I love music. These things are supposed to be pretty cool, I dunno, I've never seen one.)

Well anyways.. point is, I'm a sucker. And the other point is, if anyone is curious about trying for this sort of thing, and at the same time would like to help me get the free iPod.. well, that'd be great.  (^*^);  I don't plan on sending out emails for this thing.. I don't like to solicit people like that. Just figured, well, I don't want to sit on this after getting halfway there to help someone else out. So anyways, if'n you should be curious, and/or would like to help me get the silly thing, I'm s'posed to refer y'all to this: http://www.freephotoiPods.com/?r=15906523

If ten people follow that link, sign up, and also sign up for stamps.com or onna the other things.. apparently, I get the free iPod. No biggy, but what the heck. Maybe y'all are suckers like me.  (^*^);


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