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So.. no more Crispix, thanks to malt flavoring (which is made with barley). No Rice Dream, 'cause it contains barley gluten for protein.. Picked up some Edy's Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt for a shake today. Thank goodness no glutens. Also picked up what's apparently the only specifically gluten-free product at Shoprite.. Gluten-Free/Sugar-Free pizzelles. I also learned today that I don't really care for pizzelles.. ee

The shake was good, though. Little recipe that came with the new blender my mom got ('cause the old one sounded like it was possessed by some unknown creature from sub-dimension 18-B). Four medium-sized bananas, 1-1/3 cups milk, ¼ cup peanut butter, 2 cups vanilla frozen yogurt or ice cream. Nice little peneanut butter flavor. (Peanut butter and bananas always go together.) It'd be interesting to see how something like that would taste with helen99 and rialian's home made peanut butter that I've heard of.. ee

Found out today the veggie-chips I got have wheat-something-er-other in them. Dunno how I missed that on the ingredients list.. was paying more attention to "whey," I guess, and wondering what precisely was in that. Nothing wrong with whey, but overlooked the wheat. poo.

There's a part of me that really wants to design some new form of mathematics, and a programming language as well. But I really don't know enough about existing mathematics, and I'm really not sure what I'd do with designing a programming language. It's just this creating part of me that wants to get out.. maybe I'll sort it out eventually.

I have to start going through some things.. I may start listing things that I have for people to take interest in. Books an' games an' junk.. I've already offered WarCraft III: Rein of Chaos Collector's Edition to jaredthewilddog. I also have the StarCraft Battle Chest (including StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood Wars). I'm not sure I'll need that any more. We'll see how things go, I'll be bringing stuff with me to Maryland when I get there, and see what people take interest in, ee. I can add a few books to the Libra-Ri, s'pose. ee (Don't have much, but a couple interesting lil things.)

Feeling sort of bleh right now. Waiting for Saturday night to roll around (IE, Sunday morning) so I can watch the next episode of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.. there is something so centering about Ghost in the Shell. I felt much better last night after watching it (rerun). :nod:

Anyways.. back to doing random lil nothings until my mind gets back on track and I can accomplish something.

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