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on another note..

'Kay, so, doctor appointment Monday. Good. Called hospital, sending bill to Medicare people. Good. Talked to social services, E.B.T. card should be available out of state, very good.  (^*^)'

And somebody restored their journal.  (^*^)  Now all my LJ friends are mutual friends. This makes me happy. hee..

Also this: Enlightenment. Is a windows manager for Linux. It is sooo pretty.. as evidenced by files on Rasterman.com, if you scroll down some on the news page there. That backdrop alone.. wow.. that is amazing. They've recently released DR17 (development release). DR16 apparently works on a P166 processor. Not sure about DR17 yet.. am not a Linux user, this was pointed out by a friend. So he's going to be testing the updated version on his P166 to see hot it runs.

Apparently, they're going to be adapting this to work on PDAs.. wow. ee, this is amazing. (Said friend told me to grin-and-bear the video download, being on a dial-up connection, and it was so worth it.. ee).

Have no idea who bookofthedamned is. Aa well.. think maybe they found me through otherkin or something, not sure. (Haven't even read that in a long time.. is just sort of there, ee).

Listening to bits of the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex soundtrack.. mmm  (^*^)

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