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What I've learned today

Watched the first episode of Penn & Teller's Bullshit. The whole series is available on Showtime On Demand.  (^*^)  And because of this, I've learned just how much gets edited out of "live" (unscripted) shows. Wow. That's some pretty sick stuff right there, how they try and fool everybody into thinking they're psychic by editing out all the missed guesses. Although I guess it's technically packaged as "entertainment," but most people have a natural inclination to figure it's all WYSIWYG.

I've learned that drinking the entire milkshake at once is a bit much.  (^*^)'

I've learned that Maryland only requires you be a resident for three months before giving you the resident rates for tuition, yay! Florida required a full year.. and that I can apply to community college anytime from now through August, and plan to do so as soon as possible.  (^*^)

I've learned the same thing as I have so many other days--Yoko Kanno is a goddess of music, and the Stand Alone Complex soundtrack is just so much goodness (along with all things Koukaku Kidoutai).

I've learned the fun of multi-dimensional arrays in PHP, and making code work more efficiently.  (^*^)  As well as remembering to cut down the color depth in GIF images to keep the file size down.

I've learned from sixteenbynine (who also taught me some Zen about writing ^*^) that I apparently must see The Prisoner, a 1967-68 psychological sci-fi thriller series of 17 episodes, which is now available on DVD, but isn't actually very accessible to me because of it. ee..

And a variety of other things.. but if I listed everything, I wouldn't get any rest, so mya.  (^*^);  I'm thinking I might make a habit of this, and just list things as the day goes by..

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