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The Nine

The Nine is a most wonderful project being undertaken by several people, including sixteenbynine, who runs the web-based role playing community Illusionary Minds Chat. Both these things are awesome.  (^*^)

The Nine is an independent animated film project that has slowly grown with the addition of all-important drawers and such to keep it rolling. The concept: What would you do if you knew you would never die?

The Nine, nine people from various cultures, are characters who've discovered this about themselves. For whatever reason, each of them found out one day that from that day forth, they would never age, never suffer physical harm of any kind, and never die.

The Nine is the story of these people, and what they do with their lives when they find out what they are, what's happened to them, whatever it is. It is a story of humanity, at its core, and the experiment is to define it. What would you do, if you were immortal? If you were the only one? If everyone was going to die one day but you?

The Nine is a project that needs help. They need drawers, first and foremost; animators, in-betweens. Whatever they can get. So visit the website, see what you think, and offer whatever services you can.  (^*^)  I've put my offer on the plate, but have no talent I'm aware of.. ee

Go to http://www.whoarethenine.com/ and see what's what. And . . . Have Fun!™

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