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Funky day

Strange day for me today. Don't know why, it just started out that way. Well, maybe it was yesterday that started it. Got to bed around 6:00-something.. ee

Got up around noon, nobody home, downpours everywhere. The weather probably had the biggest effect on my mood, at least when first waking up. But things have been tense and fuzzy all at once and stuff for me today. Random spastic body things. Strange little friendly misunderstanding later in the day. Penn & Teller's kooky sex episode.. ee

Also made a milkshake today, and I really should be keeping my sugar intake lower. hrm..

Aa well, got some RP today! pShift is doing well.. there isn't a lot of role playing going on in there, but there have been a lot of chatters in recently.  (^*^)  The post counts are soaring these past couple of days; something like 309 posts yesterday, and over 300 posts today. Not sure of the actual count, 'cause IMC cuts off at 250, apparently. (It sure was doing it for me today, when trying to scroll back and see how many posts there were).

This month is Anime Paradigm, where were allowing sci-fi animé into the room until the end of the month, ee. After the month, we'll say a p-shift undoes everything that happened.  (^*^);  alk and I were playing as Asuka and Rei from Shinseiki Evangelion.. it's kind of odd to do, for me. Really weird personal reasons. But it was fun and interesting, and I hope we continue.  (^*^)  If for no other reason than to get some actual RP going in the room.. ee

Today (Sunday) will be a day of much business. Pulling things out of the attic (need help to do so), and sorting through it all, tossing some things away, packing some things like books and such in the boxes, figuring out how I'm organizing everything.. and getting ready for the move (whether permanent or not).

This is going to be a very busy week.. there will be continued organizing and packing stuffs, and also three doctor appointments. One on Wednesday, two on Thursday.. and then this Friday is getting picked up to be whisked away, ee. Convention in NY, possibly lunch with datacat (hopefully), and then coming back down to a dinner on Sunday, followed by the actual move.. at least, if things work out like they seem to be going so far.

Well, g'night peoples. I'll be around sparingly tomorrow, mostly just checking up between boxes.  (^*^)

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