Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi

Things I find

Two C books, three C++ books, and one Java book, plus binders of JavaScript, HTML/CGI and Internet/WWW.
Lots of old notebooks, including ancient artwork (starting from like 3 years old.. as in my age, not theirs).
An.. earwig, or something. Let loose.
Broken Mayan calendar. :snif:
Class ring (wonder if pawn shop would take it.. who wants to remember Buena?)
Unopened pack of Dragonball Z trading cards?
Dead (batterwise) Tamagotchi.
Really Big Grand Canyon pencil (unused).
Stuff, stuff.. (updates later)


Lots of old artworky junk.
Toys and action figure type things.
The Tamagotchi's birthplace (the box it came in).
Stones and useless keys and things (used to collect them as a kid).
Box of old ceramic(?) animal figurines, from those tea things or wherever it was they came from..
Photo album with pictures from Nebraska ('bout 10 years ago).
Box of memories (stones and bracelet and toy and job checks and.. card from Great Grandma Signe's funeral).
Box of old, broken art class projects.
Think that's most of it.. lots of books. Didn't realize how many, ee.


I have.. a surprising number of books. (^*^);


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