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lyrics and be human

I analyze and I verify and I quantify enough
one hundred percentile
no errors, no miss
I synchronize and I specialize and I classify so much
don't worry 'bout dreaming
because I don't sleep
I wish I could at least 30 percent
maybe 50 for pleasure
then skip all the rest
if I only was more human
I would count every single second of the rest of my life
if I just could be more human
I'd have so many little babies and maybe a wife
I'd roll around in mud
and have lots of fun
then when I was done
build bubblebath towers and swim in the tub
sand castles on the beach
frolic in the sea
get a broken knee
be scared of the dark and I'd sing out of key
cuss when I lost a fight
kiss and reunite
scratch a spider bite
be happy with wrinkles I got when I smiled
pet kittens til they purred
maybe keep a bird
always keep my word
I'd cry at sad movies
I'd laugh til it hurt
I'd buy a big bike
and ride by the lake
and I'd have lots of friends
and I'd stay out til late
if I could just be more human
I would see every little thing with a gleam in my eye
if only I was more human
I'd embrace every single feeling that came in my life
would I care and be forgiving?
would I be sentimental and would I feel loneliness?
would I doubt and have misgivings?
would I cause someone sorrow, too?
would I know what to do?
will I cry when it's all over?
when I die will I see heaven
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