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Fun fun time at lyssabard's last night, with everybody. Only wish I didn't end up rushing myself out, what with the grabbing food and running. Didn't get to finish my round of hugs, and also left a very important bag in the back of rhiannasilel's car. Must get as soon as possible!

So ya, back from the party and the 'Kashnapping from the day/night before. Hitchhiker's Guide was much fun, as was the company with other people's, of course. Let's see.. it was myself, rhiannasilel, and per_akh.. also, machineofdoom, and I believe, dancinglights, podisodd, and stardansr. Not sure on that, just my guesses.  (^*^)

Today will be meeting Tiger(?) with helen99 and rialian. Not sure who this person is.. have not yet been formally introduced to them.  (^*^)

Trying to tweak computer.. got things set for optimal processing, looking for stuff to help with downloading/buffering problem. After a certain amount of downloading, the connections shuts down, and I can't use the internet at all. I have to restart my computer, and then everything works fine. BitTorrent gave me this error message after shutting it down and restarting it when this happened:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "btdownloadgui.py", line 3010, in ?
  File "BitTorrent\controlsocket.pyc", line 134, in send_command_inet
BitTorrent.BTFailure: Could not send command: (10055, 'No buffer space available')

"No buffer space available" suggests to me that there is a buffer (like virtual memory, or possible even VM itself), that is filling up as the transfers happen.. and gets reset as the computer is restarted. So at least I know how to make it work in the simple way, but it'd be nice if a big download could go overnight, instead of cutting out after a couple hours. Things could take a day or two instead of a week or two, that way.

In the meantime, eating alternative (non-gluten) foods is fun. Tapioca and almonds are my bread and butter.  (^*^)  :giggle:

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