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Got home a little before 4:00am last night, after safely depositing mmsword back in NJ. (Well, safe in that he was at his home and could pack for camping an' stuff). The whole trip (aside from a break from driving in between) took just over five hours, as opposed to the 6:20 that Mapquest suggests.  (^*^);  And that was with little thing like waiting a while at the gas station for attendants to wake up from their slumber and come give me gas.. (NJ having laws against self-serve).

We'd had dinner at Plato's with lyssabard and rangermorgiah last night, just before they headed off to deposit Lyssa at.. elwing's? Something like that.. ee, We had fun. It was great.. am glad for having gotten that extra time to see Lyssa, and to introduce her and the Chris. Wonderful stuff.. ee

Today, am not sure what am doing.. so far, eating some salsa eggs scramble, and checking up on LJs and emails an' stuff. Have $0 left, and down to about a quarter tank on Smurf. TARDIS, indeed.  (^*^);  Really need that Eye of Harmony to keep hir running.. ee

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