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busy week..

Today was a very interesting day. (read: yesterday)

Between losing a wallet, a 5 mile trip taking half an hour, and some other things, it seems the day was geared to demonstrate that the Maryland state medical assistance program is not what I'll be getting to help myself get better; my intuitive impression being that something else will help me there. (Job job job!)

After a full day awake, and a short nap, woke up to a call from mom (and the sounds of Phantasy Star ringing in my head). Things are going very well there.. it's great.  (^*^)

Steve (younger of two older half brothers) is going to move in with 'Ri (younger brother) next week, and has been helping him clean up the new house he just bought.  (^*^)  Go 'Ri! He's (edit: Steve's) also been seeing his old girlfriend Sue Glick, who my mom's always loved, and seemed to be generally the best relationship he'd had, but just couldn't handle at the time.

They bumped into Randy. (Oldest half-brother, been disowned for the past few years for a variety of reasons). Hugs were exchanged, and tonight they were going out to have dinner. This is much goodness. Healing family circles is good thing.

Also parents are looking to buy house they've been living in for past 16 years.. instead of jumping right over to Tennessee. (They might still, but they checked into it, and it's an option). They went through Uriah's mortgage/realty agent guy, and they told them basically they could buy whatever they want (after running a thorough credit check). A million dollar home would not be out of the question. (I suggested they buy an island.. ee)

And! We got a call from kyrin7, saying that his girlfriend Zander aced the GED--got a higher score than anyone in Virginia has every gotten, apparently--and got a full scholarship for ALL of her veterinary schooling (to full doctorate level). Wow! Congratulations to that, that is amazingly awesome.  (^*^)

And a number of other things. Things are coming together amazingly well. There have been some panicky things in some peoples lives, and to tlttlotd and lyssabard my heart goes out. (Amongst others that've been having trouble).

Still, this does not change how well things have been going overall. Some beautiful things happening, and I believe WTT will be very wonderful this year. Got to meet Laurelinde and Nick and Branwin. They were most interesting people, and we had much fun. Only wish they were here for longer.  (^*^)  (Aside from that they were homesick already).

Am listening to my new CD, DJ Tiesto's album In My Memory. Downloaded it a long time ago spontaneously. Saw a digital painting on deviantART called "Battleship Grey," which was inspired by Tiesto's song, Battleship Grey, from that album. Downloaded it, hit something in the center of me, downloaded the rest, and have been enthralled since.  (^*^)  And also have been looking for the album! No one's had it till now. Finally it is legally mine. ee

It is so wonderful. The tracks are actually improved to what I downloaded--and I've recently rediscovered the amazing wonders of wearing headphones at the computer, which not only keeps other people from being bothered, but also is incredibly improved sound, ee. Wow.. so much better. This is wonderful..

It also just so happened that it was this album that helped me reel through pulling back some memories of mine, which is very interesting considering the album's title.  (^*^);  It is a wonderful experience.. and sitting here right now, the album is helping to resurface a lot of the emotions and such attached to those memories, and it's very interesting. (It always makes me in an interesting state--sort of feeling alien to this world, because of the far removed memories that surface and the incredible feelings and level of emotion and such attached to that. I feel so other-worldly).

I'm going to keep enjoying this.. and maybe get back to beta-testing Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst. (Beat Dark Falz on normal difficulty! woo! Let the MAG farming commence.. ^*^)

Also, holy wow, Okami.

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