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things for the weekend..

Oof.. hope that wasn't Tim finally calling me a few minutes ago. rialian had called, and I got a beep, but after switching over, there were clickity-clicks like the person had already hung up. It was probably someone else, but I'd hate to think a job prospect just slipped through my fingers.  (>*<)

Aa well.. shower taken to last the next few days (hopefully will be warm enough for swimming). Laundry cleaned and dried (after four runs through the dryer; three normal, one 'light and fluffy'). Everything's pretty much packed and ready to go. (Not into the car yet; next step, bring pot of thing and small, rolling duffle into the car). Just need to get shoes on, brush teath, and wait for 10:00pm to head out to the Greyhound Station and wait for mmsword to show up.

We might just hang out there for the next hour (bring snacks and something interesting).. 'cause datacat will be showing up at the same station 50 minutes later. Then we can head back here, do whatever needs to be done (bathroom, etc.), and head straight up to the farm for a weekend of camping.  (^*^)

Should take less than two hours to get up there from here, so depending when we leave an' stuff, we might make it up there as early as 1:00am or as late as 3:00am. (Probably not that late; would guess 2:00am at the latest). There's already a tent set up, with two sleeping bags in it, and have two more here waiting to go.. so we'll be ready to hit the sack, and Chris and Robyn can set up their tent tomorrow or something.

Seem to've recovered from yesterdays heat exhaustion.. my goodness, that was horrid. Heat exhaustion/dehydration coupled with Lyme disease is not something I'd wish on anyone. (Not that I'd wish anyone harm anyways.. but y'know) That's a couple hours of the most pain I've ever experienced.. oof, thank goodness for caring peoples that know how to care for me. (blankets, water, Pedialyte[sp], and an orange helped.. followed a lil later by some supper, and some general good company) Very thankful to people for helping me out. I was honestly completely lost and thinking that was it for me for some time there.

So feeling recovered anyways, and hopeful for the workshops this weekend. (Will be conducting some open discussions on Paradigm Shift and Cybernetics). Will certainly have lots of fun with some good friends and all around cool people, and get plenty of relaxation too. (I'll demand it of myself; it's necessary).

Also hoping that I don't miss out on any job opportunities over this weekend. We'll see. Everything will work out, right?

Time to burn one more MP3-CD for the trip.. oh poo, can MP3-playing CD players handle M4A files an' such? Oof.. we'll find out.

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