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Just a couple of things

One thing that came to mind yesterday, was how amazingly quick people are to blame even the smallest of things on someone else...

An elderly couple stopped by the photo lab where I work, yesterday. They had twelve rolls, and opted to use the next-day service, as proves rather cheaper that way (namely for that type of film). The woman started filling out all the envelopes, while the man pulled the films out of the bag, as well as the cartridges out from the plastic containers. Then they both worked on filling the envelopes out the rest of the way, having decided just what they wanted from the service, and began putting the film cartridges in the envelopes.

It seemed to me, better to let them handle these things themselves, and simply watch over, verifying that they were doing things correctly. It is my duty to help them however they can, but as with any job, it's best to use one's intuition; Read the customers, see what they'd rather you do. In this case, I think they'd preferred to handle things on their own as much as possible. So, I simply watched, and made sure they knew what to do.

And yet, when they were finished...Well, the man had been placing his emptied plastic containers on the corner of the counter, just behind the spot where the out-lab envelopes are stored. With twelve containers, it was an easily visible pile.

When they were about finished, the man grabbed 11 of the containers that he'd left in the pile, and overlooked one that was directly behind the envelopes, and out of his view. He immediately decided that I must have taken it, and proclaimed this to his wife. Of course, I simply picked up the container (which I could see, being on the other side of the counter), and handed it to him.

But it still seems so odd to me...Yes, it's something very small in this case, and really doesn't matter. But the simple fact there, the idea behind the situation...Of how quickly people blame others for their own problems, no matter how large or small...is astonishing. I see it on a daily basis, really. I suppose it's just more common for people to take their "bigger" problems and blame it on someone else. So it sparked my attention when something so trivial was blamed upon me...He hadn't even bothered looking for the canister first. Simply said, "He must have taken it." I really wish people could learn to see themselves...

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