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cell phones?

Okay.. I really need a cell phone. Nothing fancy, not too much money, and hopefully as little contractual obligation as possible (without being prepaid).

Working Assets goes for $29.99/mo and runs through the Sprint network. Unlimited nights & weekends (9pm-7am), plus 250 anytime minutes. Good, but if I end up in Pittsburgh again, or something, am screwed. (Small roaming area).

Verizon has a plan for $39.99/mo with "unlimited IN calling" (which means free calls to Verizon customers whose numbers aren't Caller-ID blocked). Covers most of Pennsylvania, but not WV. (Sorta the opposite of Working Assets, only covers more ground in the country overall). May be able to get this for only $9.99 by getting added to my parents' plan in NJ, though that does mean getting a NJ number (instead of MD).

There's Sprint, but they have this kooky system of automatically charging you for extra minutes you may not use once you get close to using most of your minutes. I dunno about that. $35/mo for a good coverage area, or what looks pretty good but won't let me zoom out.

Cingular also costs $39.99/mo with 450 anytime minutes, in this case 5000 night/weekend minutes instead of unlimited. But also has rollover, so unused minutes carry over to the next month. Covers most of the US, except for boonies areas and most of NV & MT and such. No problems in MD, NJ, and most of PA. No roaming or long distance charges (unless of course out of coverage area).

And whatever else.. not sure. Am gonna need to get this taken care of pretty quickly, so that people can actually contact me. (Like, I dunno, job people.. ee) Going to be talking to my parents again tomorrow, see if they've found out anything about possibly adding me in. That would be the cheapest route, but if not, what should I go with?

--Score so far--
Verizon: 5
Cingular: 3.5
Sprint: 0
Other: 0


Jun. 19th, 2005 05:26 am (UTC)
Actually, I have the new Verizon pre-pay and it's not really that bad of a deal. It's 10 cents a minute from 8am to 9pm and free after that. There's a 99 cent per day surcharge, but if you don't use the phone that day, then you aren't charged. The range is pretty good, but I completely lose my signal when I cross the Canadian border.

On the plus side, if you don't have creidt or have bad credit then it's a good option for not having to end up paying a rather large deposit. On the downside, calls to Canada cost more money and you don't get the free airtime after hours on calls to Canada or to any other country for that matter. They will also charge you the higher rate when someone from another country calls you. This may not be a problem for you, but since the two Tuatha that I'm closest to are not stateside, it's kind of a pain -- not so much the 20 cents a minute to Canada, but the charges for my friend calling me from the UK are icky.
Jun. 19th, 2005 02:12 pm (UTC)
Thankfully, I do have credit.. (^*^) I really do plan on getting a real phone this time, instead of a prepay. I've lost my phone number twice using prepay, so it becomes very unefficient if you don't make sure to renew ASAP. Plus if I end up using it daily for work, people, etc., I'd be paying as much anyways.

Calls to Canada can probably be made on my calling cards from a landline, so no biggy there. (Not that I know many people up there, anyways.. ee)

Thanks for the input. (^*^) Will see if my parents have looked into adding me to their plan yet. Verizon/Cingular seem to be pretty well even on people's opinions of them.


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