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So here I am, sitting at work.. last night and today have been rough as far as physical health goes. Ick. I'll get past it.. my body's just going through another one of its fits, 'cause I'm not getting treatment. Three more weeks and I should be able to sign up for benefits, I think.. (I should really find a good clinic in the meantime).

Anyways, I've finished my first transcript in under a half hour. Here it is, a half-hour later, and the other two transcripts I'm supposed to edit haven't arrived yet. So I've been bumming around Gmail and LiveJournal and such.. I'd be bumming around IMC, but for some reason I can't seem to access it. Maybe I should email sixteenbynine.. I'm getting this error:

The following condition occured:
The connection to the requested host has timed out. The host may be busy or unreachable. Please retry the request later.


There's actually a wider gap than that, but ya. Anyways.. Oop, Gline just posted an email to the hosts saying that the server is down for now, and we don't know why yet. Okay then. Still no transcripts to do.

So ya, I'll probably head straight to the theatre/Arundel Mills after work tomorrow. Never know when I'll get out, but it won't be any later than 8:00, pretty sure. (By then, there's really no one left here). We meeting up at DuClaw's first, or what? (rhiannasilel? per_akh?)
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