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health and work

Today was a crazy day. But I think it was okay, just not great. I got out of bed late, because my body was trying to catch up on things.

It's funny, yesterday the alarm didn't go off, so I got to work about a half hour late, and it was no big deal. Today it was a big deal, and I got there an hour later than that. Maybe I'll survive. I almost slept through my alarm, but gradually started to realize it was playing.

I got up, logged into my computer (which is my alarm--it plays music at a scheduled time), and stopped the music so that no one else would wake up. I don't remember anything after that, until two hours later when someone knocked on my door to get me up. An hour and a half late to work isn't a great thing, but at least I'm just part time at a pretty relaxed sort of place. It doesn't matter when I get in, so long as I get my work done by the deadline. The hard part was that there was a lot of work to do.

Hadn't really slept since Sunday, so I didn't bother getting to bed on time the night before. My body decided say, "Oh, no you don't," and shut down though, and I keep forgetting it can do that. It doesn't usually, just in the recent past. Managed to get all my work done, but can't guarantee it's very good. The files I had to edit were mostly inaudible anyway, so hopefully they'll understand that.

I've been working at this place for 30 days now. So I asked about benefits, and they're looking into it--no one is sure whether I can get benefits or not. My boss, Tim, said it's for full-timers and even they have to wait about six months. I mentioned the packet of policies I signed said it was 30 days, and didn't specify full-time. He was confused, and wondered if they changed it, and decided to check. They found that yes, it does say 30 days, and also says it's for all "regular employees," referring to both "regular full time" and "regular part time" employees. So they're still not sure what to do, hopefully I'll hear back from them soon.

I might have to spring for my own insurance in the meantime, if they can't make it quick. My body is definitely telling me it's time to take care of it, or give it up.

Tim really is a nice guy, though. I mentioned my story, about how the reason I was late was because I haven't been sleeping, and that I haven't been sleeping because I'm not getting treatment for the Lyme disease. He said that sucks, and set things in motion to find out if I can get benefits. He also later told me that if I want, I can come in on the weekend for some extra hours--it's up to me, I can relax or get a few extra hours in, as long as I don't go over 80 for the pay period. (I'm not close to that, after clocking out today I had 39:10, and this weekend is the end of the period).

I strongly suspect it's because I told him of my situation that he was offering me the extra work to do. (And because it also makes sense to get some things done before they're due on Monday, anyways; having the time to get things done right is good).


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Jul. 22nd, 2005 05:31 am (UTC)

I do have a bit of experience with being the only person to actually read the legal agreements I signed... it can make things interesting. I cna only wish you luck. When I called a company on it, they changed policies rather than give me what I should have been giving.

Take care; a job is just a job, your health is more important.
Jul. 22nd, 2005 01:49 pm (UTC)
Here's hoping you can get benefits quickly. Be good to yourself in the meantime, 'kay?
Jul. 22nd, 2005 04:22 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I got benefits after 30 days, so that shouldn't be a problem. Tim actually came to me yesterday, concerned for you - I fear he may be on drugs!

But seriously, he asked me if you might be interested in doing work for other departments if it meant he could get you insurance. I told him to talk to you, of course, but I think he's going to check around though first.

I may have complained about him in the past, but he is genuinely in your corner right now. My advice is to ask him every 2 days or so, b/c he is very forgetful. I'll also go talk to Kelly for you and see what I can find out.

I do hope you feel better in the meantime though.
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