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on intelligent design..

sixteenbynine recently made a nice little post about the whole Intelligent Design SNAFU that's been such a busy thing lately. I post my response again here, for a wider audience (and spell-checked!), and also because it apparently won me both the Internet AND the (D)ARPANET. Yay..!


Heck, I believe myself in crazy stuff like the spirit and divinity and all that. I see no reason to believe that anything in the universe, or the universe itself, necessarily does not have some degree of awareness as what humans experience, but manifests in different ways, yada yada.

But that's the stuff in my head.. I think over things a lot. And I'm probably pretty crazy, although a fairly functional crazy.

I don't claim that there's strict evidence of what I believe, just enough certain things that synchronize in the right ways enough for me to believe in. (And when I say believe, I mean, fondle the notion of, and take into deep consideration, and let my heart guide me.. not, dogmatically follow and adhere to, to the extent of waging war with alternate or conflicting paradigms).

The thing that bothers me the most about this is that they're treating science as though it were some oppressive force, and they're ideas are worth hearing too! Well sure, in a philosophy class, or religious studies. But not science, because we've defined science as empirical observation of definable and falsifiable theories based on evidence.

And here they are saying, "Our theory is good too!" But it isn't even a theory, it's not even a hypothesis, because even a hypothesis requires some degree of physical evidence to be formulated. "I propose this hypothesis, because I've observed these things to be true -- let's see how accurate it really is." Intelligent design doesn't have that, it just has excuses. And while the world may really be the Matrix, we on the inside unfortunately have no methods for observing the patterns of code that make up our world, and therefor simply cannot use the very notion that it could be true as evidence that it is -- or even can be -- as true as what we've observed.

So until we've been given the red pill or blue pill option, we can't be expected to follow the notion that everything we believe is wrong, even if it's true, because it's all that we have. And please understand that if some bum on the street offers us pills, a lot of us are going to pass it up -- we like to know our drug dealers first.

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