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To see the goings on these days. Witness the instability within people, and their interactions. I'm starting to feel like an outsider again.. slightly. Not in the disconnected, "I am alone in all the world" sense I've felt most of my time... No, in this case, it's a good thing. I've been through my period of instability.. And oh, was I indeed unstable. I think it's passed now, finally.. for the most part. I am still an emotional being.. but a rational one, in my own way. I feel a new strength building within me.. And largely based off my love for another. It is interesting, what True Love can do...

More thoughts. Not enough clarity, at the moment. I'll have to gather some things together, perhaps, and write more at a later time. There's been a lot of talk involving Guardians these days... Interesting, that I should no longer consider myself one. Now they've become quite the popular topic. ::Chuckle::

Well.. we'll see what happens. Until next posting..

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