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Today's Anthropology lesson

The Navajo world view is based upon their conception of beauty or "hózhó." Anthropologist Gary Witherspoon explains (1977):

      Beauty is not separated from good, from health, from happiness, or from harmony. Beauty -- hózhó -- is a combination of all these conditions. It is not an abstractable quality of things or a fragment of experience; it is the normal pattern of nature and the most desirable form of experience.
      For the Navajo, beauty is not so much in the eye of the beholder as it is in the mind of its creator and in the creator's relationship to the created. . . .Beauty is not "out there" in things to be perceived by the perceptive and appreciative viewers, it is a creation of thought. . . .It is not in things so much as it is in the dynamic relationships among things and between man and things.
(pp. 151-158)

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